Green Chaud

March 11th, 2008

It’s been a few months since I planned to make public my Aptana color theme. After the lasts tweaks, here it is, the “Green Chaud” Aptana color theme !

It’s a light on dark theme, which is easier on the eyes than the standard theme.

Green Chaud Aptana Color Theme

I took some inspiration from vim’s Zenburn, Desert and Wombat themes.

All the default languages and the PHP are supported.

Screenshots : JS | CSS | PHP | HTML | XML

So, first you have to import every col file one by one in the options (Window > Preferences > Aptana > Editors > CSS / HTML / JavaScript / PHP / ScriptDoc / XML).

Then you’ll have to set the line numbers color by hand (if you are showing them) : Go in (Window > Preferences > General > Editors > Text Editors), and then set the color of “Line number foreground”. The RGB code of the color is 128 / 159 / 128.

This is the boring task of the installation … Now your new theme can be used, for the pleasure of you eyes :-)

Don’t hesitate to give your feedback in the comments.

If you want to contribute to this theme, you can adapt it for the others plugins (Ruby on Rails, Adobe AIR, Apple iPhone). In this case, contact me in the comments, and we’ll see that together.

Download : RAR | ZIP

85 Responses to “Green Chaud”

  1. m. Says:

    Thanks for sharing. What font do you use?

  2. Boris Says:

    Hi, it’s Consolas, from Microsoft.

  3. Dario Says:

    Wonderful theme! GREAT work, your theme should be added as an Aptana default option ;)

  4. Dario Says:

    I added a line to your CSS color preferences: (maybe wordpress won’t let me post its code, so I will explain it in “plain CSSless english”: added a line to make !important declarations bold, just like in Dreamweaver). A tiny addition, but it helps visuaization of CSS overrides. Maybe you want to add it in your package, too. Thanks a lot again, man!!

  5. LT Says:

    Really nice work! Thanks for making it available. It’s saving my eyes!

  6. wenbert Says:

    awesome! thanks a lot!

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    [...] found this really nice syntax highlighting for Aptana — its called Green Chaud. The color is similar to Zenburn for Vim. It’s been a few months since I planned to make public [...]

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    [...] Check this site out. “green-chaud” [...]

  9. mcxiand Says:

    do you have some for RoR?

  10. Boris Says:

    No but if you make it yourself with the same colors, I’ll look at it, and if it’s good I’ll incorporate it in Green Chaud ;-)

  11. Costis Says:

    Thanks for much for sharing

  12. Alexandru Mos Says:

    Nice color theme. I’m using it for some time and it’s very “light” with the eyes. Thanks for sharing the files!

  13. Steve Diamond Says:

    Thanks for the work and effort, this is really cool, using it in work and at home.

    Look forward to any other variations you have :)

  14. Matt Baluyos Says:

    Thanks! :)

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    [...] like me you are a fan of a darker background, there is Green Chaud theme for Aptana too which makes coding much easier, as I was moving from the old Textmate Vibrant Ink theme in [...]

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  17. Jacob Says:


  18. Tom Says:

    Thank you! I am using it :)

  19. Chuck Says:

    Very nice color scheme. I can stare at it for hours and not worry about my Eyes bleading

  20. Digital Playground » Blog Archive » Color themes for Aptana Says:

    [...] Green Chaud by Borris Popoff [...]

  21. Brandon Says:

    Great color scheme, but I have a question…

    How can you change the color of selected text in Aptana? Mine is a bright blue, which makes it nearly impossible to see what I’m typing if the text is selected. I’ve scoured the preferences in Aptana, but I’m just not seeing it.


  22. Is Good Stuff » Aptana IDE Customization : Programming with Dark Theme Says:

    [...] download this color customization template for Aptana IDE check out Start Slide Show with PicLens [...]

  23. Bac0n Says:

    Super… my code make sence now.

  24. Kevin Says:

    Excellent work Boris. I’ve added an enhancement request to include the ability to define the line number colors too: Behind the scenes, it would do what you describe, but at least all the color definitions would be in one place.

    Brandon, in Preferences->Aptana->Editors->[editor of interest]->Colors, you will see Selection Background/Foreground in the “Editor Options” section in the preference panel on the right.


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  26. Mostafa farghaly Says:

    oh , thank you man , i tried doing that alot of time but end up with boring and frustration , you saved me alot . i love you :K

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    [...] Green Chaud Color Theme | auch ein sehr geiles Theme für Aptana Studio [...]

  28. Eddie Says:

    Hi Boris, very nice theme – thank you for sharing it. If someone likes the ‘Port of Ruby Blue Theme’ for Notepad++ and always wanted to use it in Aptana Studio, i’ve converted it for Aptana and put it online for download on my little web playground. From time to time this one will be updated. Greetings from Germany. Eddie.

  29. Samir Says:

    Hi and thanks, this is the best highlighting availible for aptana. Its so nice i would really like to use it with c++ and java developing under eclipse too :)

    is there a possibility to get this theme working with java and c++?


  30. Henry Says:

    Thanks for sharing, my eyes were bleeding but now they are fine. I thought I would add that if you need to adjust the font for the aptana editors it can be done in Window -> Preferences -> General -> Appearance -> Colors and Fonts – look for Aptana then Basic and click on Text Font.

  31. Bruce Says:

    Thanks for sharing this!

    After moving to Aptana from dreamweaver — yonks ago — it took some time to get use to the colors. I’ve tried your colorization out at work and now porting it to my home pc.

    Thanks again and thank you for sharing with the Aptana community!

    All the best…

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    [...] this post: Boris Popoff made a beautiful Aptana Studio colorization called Green Chaud. Don’t take my word for it; see the screenshots in the page I link [...]

  33. armano Says:

    Is this supported for notepad++ ?


  34. John Rockefeller Says:

    For even more Aptana color themes (including some dark themes) check out my site: . Thanks!

  35. mishhh Says:

    Nice.. very nice…Congrats!:)

  36. AB Says:

    Thanks for this. Really helps.

  37. iQs Says:

    NIce, its soft for my eyes, thank you :)

  38. iQs Says:

    Do you know how to make separate window editor?

  39. Twols Says:

    Thank you soo much!

  40. Peter Says:

    Thnx for shareing :)

  41. Erwin Says:

    Cheers mate! My retinas say thank you :)

  42. Caedes Says:

    My eyes say thank you so much !

  43. Kristian Says:

    This was the last thing I did not like about eclipse/aptana, I’m used to working with gedit using a textmate like theme. thanks, great work, looks great

  44. Dennis Says:

    Thanks so much!
    I saw this type of highlighting in a video and wanted it immediately and there it is, great!

  45. Mini0n Says:

    OMG I’m in love!

    Please, tell me that I can use this theme in Notepad++! Please!!!
    Is there anyway of converting the .col to the .xml N++ requires?

    Thank you and congratulations on this AWESOME theme!

  46. Aaron Says:

    brilliant, absolutely brilliant…

    i was actually in the process of creating a bespin colour scheme, but found this… saved me a lot of time! thanks!

  47. Nicolas Says:

    Good work.

    Thank you soo much!

  48. Veeru Says:

    Just started using apatana – you saved my eyes :)


  49. Greg Says:

    Could you pack this up for use in eclipse too?

    Here are very simple instructions that would make your theme a one file import instead of many. Might also work as a one file import for Aptana. I’m not really sure but easy to test.

  50. Tory Says:

    Thanks so much! I find the the white themes make me dizzy, I’m pretty sure this will help.

    Thanks again!

  51. Eclipse and Aptana plugin update error | LouiSe Says:

    [...] i’ve found an interesting style to change theme to a dark colour set: Green Chaud .gallery { margin: auto; } .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; [...]

  52. Adrian Says:

    Love your theme, I got one minor issue though. When stepping through my code using a debugger (XDebug), the current line is highlighted in a background color which makes the text unreadable with the green-chaud colors. I didn’t find a way to change the debugger background highlighting color. Is there a way to do this?
    The same problem shows up when doing a global search in over a whole working set. The occurrences a highlighted in a background color which renders the text unreadable. I haven’t found a way to change this background color, either.
    Thanks for any suggestions!

  53. Vasily B. Says:

    Thanks for the great color scheme.. Just curious. Is there any chance to prepare it for Smarty? Thanks

  54. Granze Says:

    Thank you for this cool theme!

  55. Ignacio Says:

    AWSOME, i just switched from notepad++, Aptana works very nice with your color scheme

  56. fanturi Says:


    Your color scheme is fantastic.
    Is it possible to adapt it for coldfusion builder ?


  57. Dark color code scheme for Dreamweaver | PSD to Wordpress | PSD to Wordpress theme conversion | PSD to XHTML | Wordpress from PSD | SramekDesign Says:

    [...] code colorization? I created dark background color theme for Dreamweaver.  I took inspiration from Green Chaud theme for Aptana [...]

  58. Kirk Q Uesnelle Says:

    Wow… This is quite possibly the greatest color scheme out as far as i’m concerned. It resonates with me so well… I absolutely love it!

    Great Work!


  59. Bruce Says:

    Hi Boris,

    Would you give me permission to port this colorization over to the Netbeans IDE and share with the community?

  60. tempest Says:

    whats the name of this font on this screenshot?

  61. Samir Says:

    @Adrian & anybody having problems with occurences
    Look here:

  62. tirengarfio Says:

    I followed the steps twice and it didnt work for me…

    Any idea? Im new with Eclipse

  63. Shishant Says:

    Thanks for sharing, great design!

  64. scape Says:

    @Adrian Make sure you are changing Read Occurrences and Write Ocurences, not Ocurrences. Took me about 20 min to figure this out. I changed the highlight to a box which I think is more discrete anyway.

    @OP Amazing colour scheme. I was beginning to get really bad problems with my eyes. I think I’ll even install this at work as well :)
    One thing though, I had to manually adjust colours for magic constants and booleans. Perhaps this is because I’m using Aptana 1.5.1

  65. Zippo Says:

    Big thanks, absolutly great theme!!

  66. Zippo Says:

    Aff… that’s only for aptana.
    Can you please export it with eclipse to an .epf file?

  67. add Says:

    awesome, thanks. just what i was looking for. change font to Consolas, 11px too.
    Have you got a way changing python or default too?

  68. Graeme Says:

    i’ve just updated Aptana’s PHP to the new PHP PDT and your utterly amazing colour scheme doesn’t work anymore (it seems you no longer control the PHP bits via the Aptana / Editor / section anymore.

    is there a shortcut to colourise the new eclipse/aptana PDT screens? any help very much appreciated!

  69. jivanov Says:

    Best color scheme i’ve seen so far, and the Consolas Font is a nice find too, thanks man.

    Just finished importing it in Aptana Studio 1.5.1 and the only problem was with variable highlight, solve it with the help of

  70. Color Schemes for Eclipse CDT – Part 1 Says:

    [...] should point out that color schemes are available for Eclipse Languages (eg Java and PHP) but not CDT (schemes are language-specific because of the syntax [...]

  71. ipconfig Says:

    Hmm.. In aptana 1.5.1 the scheme only works when I don’t have PDT installed. As soon as I install PDT, the scheme just stops working and the default is loaded again.

    Does anyone have a clue on how to fix this?

  72. Jacob Says:

    This is by far the best color theme I know of, very easy on the eyes! Anyways since Aptana decided to join the PDT developers and stop developing their own plugin it would be nice if you could create one for PDT as well, pretty please? =D

  73. NightLion Says:

    I’ve recently created a new Aptana Dark Color theme using Green Chaud & ZenBurn for inspiration. Please check it out:

    I will be updating it soon to support the new Aptana 2.0 IDE.

  74. Jacob Says:

    Looking forward to that NightLion! Though I must say I prefer the less washed out colors of Green Chaud.

  75. Dark color scheme for Aptana 2.0 on Eclipse IDE | PSD to Wordpress | PSD to XHTML Says:

    [...] my colors scheme preferences for Eclipse using Aptana 2.0 as plugin. This color scheme is based on Green Chaud color scheme. 1. Download the .zip file with preferences 2. Unzip it and copy to [...]

  76. Jacob Says:

    And with it, there’s your other settings?

  77. Marc Says:


    I’d like to use your theme with Aptana 2.0. Could someone export and post his preference files please? :-) Thank in advance!

  78. Mucio Rodrigues Kidmann Says:

    awesome, Thanks!

  79. Djordje Zeljic Says:

    Wow it’s very nice.
    Thank you so much.

  80. Djordje Zeljic Says:

    How to add this color theme on Aptana 2.0 (PHP).

  81. Anatolij Says:

    Great theme, but after Aptana 2.0 released, PHP colot support is in da PDT, so… can’t apply this theme. But I think it is possible.

  82. Says:

    Anybody using Aptana 2.x – install Aptana PHP 1.1.

    1) Help -> Install New Software
    2) add http : // update. aptana. com/install/php
    3) Install the plugin.

    This is much much better than the current PDT. PDT will soon be updated I guess, but for now it lacks the colour theming.

    If you follow the above you can carry on using this theme as normal!

  83. Gabri Says:

    Thanks it works now in Aptana 2

  84. Kyle Florence Says:

    Made a color scheme for CF Builder based on this theme, you can find it here:

    Thanks for the wonderful theme : )

  85. Alex Says:

    I’ve made a version of this for PDT, it’s not perfect (esp for code hover, which has a strange popup) but I can donate the epf file. Not sure how to strip out all the useful bits that only relate to PHP / general editor colour and not other stuff like how tabs are formatted.

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