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Sortie de Mootools 1.2.1

Friday, October 17th, 2008

Tom vient d’annoncer la sortie de Mootools 1.2.1 sur le blog.

Au programme, surtout des bugfix, et le support des tout derniers Browsers, tout comme le montre le changelog :

MooTools 1.2.1 – October 16th, 2008

[ADD] Element.set(‘html’) now allows to set the innerHTML of all Elements (including tables and selects)
[ADD] Browser.Features.query to check if the Browser supports the new querySelector method on the document object
[ADD] Browser.Engine detection for WebKit version 525
[ADD] Browser.Engine detection for Opera 9.6
[ADD] Element.removeEvents now also accepts an object
[ADD] Class.removeEvents now also accepts an object
[ADD] Element.match now also accepts an Element
[CHG] Element.js has been refactored to make use of private variables wherever possible
[CHG] $unlink now returns an unlinked Hash instead of an object when a Hash is passed in
[CHG] Faster Element.hasChild
[CHG] The domready event for WebKit version 525 (or later) uses the native DomContentLoaded event
[FIX] Fixed getPosition in Internet Explorer to be faster and more reliable
[FIX] Selector [attribute!=val] now matches elements with empty attribute
[FIX] Element.clone is now much faster and retains state of form elements
[FIX] Fixed memory leaks related to IFrame unloading
[FIX] Fixed memory leaks related to Element storage
[FIX] Custom Events no longer stop the event when the condition returns false
[FIX] Documentation fixes and improvements
[FIX] :checked pseudo now works properly in Internet Explorer
[FIX] Class.js works in Safari 2 again, and contains no more eval hack
[FIX] Element text setter/getter is now working in Safari 2
[FIX] $exec is now working in Safari 2

Ils ont également inclus mon fix pour Request.HTML, yay ça y est j’ai contribué au best framework JS ever ;-)